On-Line Backup

If you work on a computer that has ever crashed and you lost all of your data, you know just how frustrating it is.  You probably appreciate the industry professionals that tell you to backup, backup, backup.  Today you can backup your entire hard drive without needing compact disks or DVDs.  After all, unless you keep a copy of them at a remote location you could still lose your computer and its contents in the event of a flood, fire, or theft.
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You can easily protect the contents of your computer by using an on-line backup system.  You could make hard copy backups and leave them elsewhere but that doesn’t guarantee that the location you store the backups in is safe.  On-line backup systems are becoming more and more popular with both individual computer owners and businesses.  They are stored on a server somewhere away from your system and the information can be easily transferred back and forth over the internet.  If disaster strikes, your information is easily retrieved.  Plus, on-line backup systems are themselves backed up in numerous other locations, so your information is protected over and over again.

An on-line backup system also allows you to keep multiple versions of your computer information, something that is very handy if you run a business.  Occasionally you need to restore information to an earlier point in time than your most current backup version.  Using an on-line backup system gives you this option.
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You can use an on-line backup system for however much information you need to store.  You can backup your laptop computer, your remote workstation, your home PC, even all of the information that is stored on a large business computer server.  Depending on the system you use will determine whether or not you go with an automatic and seamless backup system that integrates with your current computer technology.  The choice is yours.  You will be able to restore your data whenever you need it.
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Before choosing your on-line backup system you should consider the following points:

  • Make sure you can access your protected on-line backup files 24/7
  • Check to see if the service you are using allows you to backup multiple computers
  • Verify how much information you can back up and for how long as some services limit both
  • Ask if the backup is in real time or if the files backup on a specified interval like 12 or 24 hours
  • Find out if the backup is fully automatic
  • Check to see if you can share your files with others once they are published
  • Does the service slow down your computer resources?
  • Ask if the system offers an internal search engine so you can quickly find needed files
  • Ensure that the service is scalable if you need it
  • Make sure the system saves multiple file versions

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