Internet Security

Anyone who uses the Internet needs to make sure their computer is protected from a wide variety of different things that can cause their computer harm.  Whenever you connect to another network and communicate with others, you take a risk of picking up viruses, malware and other files that can be detrimental.  Internet security is important and there are a variety of programs available on the market that can help you protect your computer.

A good internet security program will protect your computer from the different forms of cyber crime that are currently being perpetrated by computer users who want to gain access to your system.  These programs will help protect you from:

  • Computer viruses such as Trojans, worms, and other types
  • Spam e-mails that are sent to you
  • Malware programs that infiltrate your computer when you surf the Internet
  • Spyware programs that gather information from your system without your permission
  • Bots that can take over your computer’s resources without your consent
  • Browser vulnerabilities that can allow hackers access to your system
  • Buffer attacks that use ‘brute force’ to get to your personal files
  • Identity theft from cyber attacks

Additionally, a comprehensive Internet security program will also protect any media you use with your computer, such as thumb drives, to ensure that there are no hidden files lurking on them that you may have picked up elsewhere.  Whenever you use a computer that is not your own, say at the local library or coffee shop, you could pick up viruses or other files that could be transferred to your computer.  A good program will scan your media as soon as you attach it to your computer and ensure that you have not picked up anything you really don’t want.

Some of the best Internet security software we recommend are as listed below.  We encourage you to invest in one before your computer is harmed.

PC Tools

This security program offers you the following products rolled into one suite: anti-virus; anti-spyware; spam protection; and firewall.


NOD32 by ESET offers the users some of the most powerful anti-virus programs as well as a smarter scanner, firewall, anti-spam protection, removable media scanning, self-defense technology and system tools.

If the program you are currently using does not offer you any kind of spam monitoring you should consider looking into a freestanding spam monitor program.  There are numerous types on the market and the key feature of the program should detect and mark spam messages before they ever hit your e-mail inbox.

ESET - Download NOD32 Here!

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